"Fun" & "Fair" cannot coexist

League suffers from the same problem that most other games do. **_People_** If you ask most people what their definition of "fun" in this game is... they will say anything but **_winning_**. This is a simple fallacy. Nobody wants to admit that they would prefer an unbalanced game in their favour to be more fun then one that was equally balanced. Most people consider getting a huge number of kills on a champion like {{champion:238}} to be "fun", while its not fun for the people playing against him. This is where I think Riot has made a mistake. Riot need to stop putting so much emphasis on making the game "fun" (strange idea, I know but hear me out) and instead focus on making the game "fair". There are 10 players in each game, at the moment the game is "fun" for about 2-3 each game but I argue that Riot's goal should be trying to make the game feel fair to all 10 players and the fun comes from actual good player decisions rather then design flaws or player manipulation. What I mean by **_Player Manipulation_** is that people are trying to constantly shift the game into their favour before the game even starts. They do this multiple ways; * Premades for a tactical and communication advantage * Smurfs for a knowledge and tactical advantage * Bringing other players on smurfs (for ranked) or on higher level accounts for an advantage * Playing Champions or using Items that have been widely reported to be problematic without any individual expression It really amazes me that so many people on these boards seem to "care" about "fairness" when they are trying to tip the balance through these totally legal but morally questionable practices. I think Riot has also been guilty of encouraging this by not offering single players an alternative "solo" option for both normals and ranked. "Getting friends" is not the answer. Some people like me prefer to play alone and why should we be discriminated against for choosing to do that? Yes, League is a team game but should both sides not be balanced from the start, allowing both players and equal chance of winning and not who has more successfully manipulated the matchmaking system in their favour better? I see this side of humanity and despair because people gravitate towards the same things every season. Nobody simply seems to care about how fair the game is, only how "fun" it can be for them. If you are like me and think that a 15 minute game where you dominate everyone and win is not fun, then I understand your frustration.
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