Everybody is complaining about new Sejuani...

...and here I am, wondering why nobody dumpsters her with Trundle. Seriously, just pick this thing, {{champion:48}}, and everytime a teamfight breaks out, ult her before she receives any damage, get 300 Ar and Mr, insane health regen, and spam Ctrl+3 while she realices the monster she has created. Trundle and Mundo have always countered beefy tanks with AoE cc, because they can shit on them 1v1, and in teamfights they become this unkillable sandbags who force them to waste their precious cc and negligible damage to try (and fail) to stop them. If the meta changes, then change with it, it happens every mid-season and people keep using the same picks they saw in the LCS, instead of trying to approach the game from a diferent perspective.
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