Remove Duskblade, Buff Assassins

Remove Duskblade and Buff the champions that benefit from it so that we have to rely more on individual champion skill than just aa 'ing your opponent for free dmg. Since all the assassins are balanced around this Item it's a must buy if you want to kill anything. This also takes a lot of variety out of the assassin build paths and shortens the gap between good and bad assassin players. I main Zed and i love oneshotting people when i play it perfectly, but if i miss all my q's i shouldn't get a kill. At the moment Ult + Duskblade Proc + E + ignite (and the resulting free electrocute proc, which btw deals way too much dmg, like all these new runes) is enough to take 80% of my enemys health at level 6. How is this healthy? Buff the Champion's kits to reward skilled players. Remove free damage that takes zero skill to apply. Thank you.
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