League is no longer fun.

I'm not a very good player (Silver 1), But I have been playing since Season 4, so I think its fair for me to give some input on the games current state. 1. 1 bad player on your team can now lose the game for you, but not the opposite. One good player doing well will find it extremely hard to solo carry the game 1v5. Even then when you get fed shutdown gold will just feed the enemy team gold for making mistakes after playing well which makes no sense. 2. There are too many people doing too much damage. {{champion:31}} Can be the most tankiest champion in a game, yet still do 1000 true damage with R, and have free sustain in lane for hitting fucking minions. Tanks should not be doing damage, they should be only tanking. 3. It's okay to have counters but I just think having a meta is really dumb. There are 137 champions in league and there's only 30 in meta, where's the diversity? You should be able to play any champion and have just as much fun and fair time as playing any "meta" champion 4. This topic is looked down upon but everyone is too seriously toxic. Yes this game is competitive but if you don't have fun in ranked go play some norms to cool ur shit man. I started playing in Season 4 with on and off gameplay, in Season 5 I was having fun, and then stupid little me decided to start playing Ranked in Season 6 and I've been hooked to it ever since. I can't get away from ranked games and I just have no fun because when I play ranked It doesn't feel like a fun game, it fees like a constant competition. Since season 6 I've been going full hard on ranked and hardly making any progress. Season 5 I got bronze and quit ranked. Season 6 I was silver. Season 7 I played in silver for 800 games and finally got to gold. Season 8, I want to get Platinum but I'm not sure if I even want to play anymore. There's my input. - Allen {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Edit: Thank you all for your input! I'm really enjoying reading all your comments and opinions on the games current state!
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