Kalista's range should be nerfed to 525 at the very least, if not 500

I think it would be much more fair for her to actually be reachable if she had this range, and/or not have this 'zone' of control like vayne{{champion:67}} also does (ofc, she deserves nerfs too someway) be too oppressive over lower range ADC's and melee champions. Because if you have the range on someone and then you get to move back immediately, that removes a lot of the vulnerability longer ranged champions have when they standstill to autoattack. I mean I'm sure there have been a lot of people in this situation where you literally can't back off or move forward even under a tower because of the zone of control and you know you are just dead. This needs to be adjusted a bit somehow to have a little more vulnerability or certain champs will just feel helpless. {{champion:429}} _**Edit: Yeah I forgot about the nerf to her AD scaling on basic autos...this would need to be reverted. A cap on Rend, although it should be high, would be the next step but Riot seem against this heavily for some reason even though it's been mentioned again and again.**_{{champion:429}}
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