Real concern about Spellshield from a 1mil+ mastery Nocturne player

Hi, you can see my name, so no need to introduce myself. Over the past 2 years I've been largely concerned about the viability of spellshield in this game. On the surface others may have seen that spellshield has been "nerfed" or "bugfixed" to not block things. Most times, it's alright. Not not blocking 2 things if both things hit in the same instance. Next to impossible, I assure you, but hey, they're not wrong. But I'm not really here for that. I'm here because there has been a systemic nerfing of the ability over time that has largely gone unnoticed. Possibly unintentional and I'm not faulting anyone for that if it has. In fact, I doubt any one has even thought about spellshield. Times past I got to talk to Rioters who I shared concerns with, that they echoed, that Nocturne needed work and that spellshield was interesting and that also it had a certain burden of skill to be used. Exhibit A: Evelynn rework. Once upon a time, Nocturne countered her. Then she was reworked. You cannot shield her charm start, if you attempt to shield her charm proc, you cannot. You can block the spell she uses to try and proc it but the charm does not fall off and this is largely useless for blocking considering the nature of her Q, as the next press of it will proc the charm. (Note: If she charms and she attempts to auto attack you, you can block the charm, so it IS blockable. However, there is no reason for her to do this.) This is unlike other marks where they fall off if the triggering spell is blocked. I have reached out in the past to be met with silence. I am aware Ezreal's W acts the same. Diana's mark, for example, will be consumed. Fiora's R is completely unblockable in every sense. I can understand not blocking vital procs but not being able to block the start-up isn't fair. Blocking Lee Sin's R still roots you. Blocking Bard's Q can still stun you if it connects with a wall or another target. Spellshields block almost every on-attack spell. However, Nasus Q completely ignores spellshields despite the fact that it was specifically patched in the past (3.13) to be blocked by spellshields and never changed away from that. About 3 seasons ago spellshields stopped blocking it. On-attack spells have inconsistent behavior with spellshields. They will completely block Darius' W, even the basic attack damage of it. They will NOT block *any* portion of Mundo's E, *but* still provide Nocturne with attack speed, despite blocking nothing. Some spells deal the basic attack damage but are otherwise blocked and provide attack speed. Illaoi is a can of worms where in some cases you can block her tentacles and sometimes you can't. Spellshields still allow hit-confirm spells, including Illaoi's above mentioned R. It will still consider you a target for spawning additional tentacles but give you attack speed (likely because it blocks the damage portion of her R). Meanwhile it sometimes will or won't block her W depending on her *range when casting* it on you. Hecarim and Yasuo Q still gain stacks if you spellshield their abilities. Camille will gain her attack speed from E. You can also still pop Luden's and die from a spell you blocked. However, this is not consistent either. Darius' Q does not heal him if blocked. Wording is also inconsistent on tooltips, some say "hits" and some say "damages" and it doesn't seem to matter in regards to spellshields. On that note, blocking Comet or Luden's sucks more than it helps as it often simply strips your shield for more important spells. Sometimes spellshield will straight up not work. About 1% of the time. Personally, this has resulted in my death many times. I've very rarely used spellshield, had it bug out and not block something and say after that it didn't matter. If Brand directly targets you with his R and you block it, the spell dies, but if it bounces to you and you block it, then it will continue bouncing if it would normally be allowed. Draven's R return will deal full damage on the return hit if you block the first hit, most other spells remember if they should do damage falloff if you block. Ezreal's R did before it was recently changed to always do 100%. In case you think I'm biased, Ekko's 3-hit is blocked, despite no other 3-hits in the game being blocked. Karthus' W used to be blockable but at some point it stopped being able to be blocked. It makes no sense. Zoe's E is bugged to strip spellshields when *cast* at you over terrain. Not hitting. Cast. I think I've made my point but here is a comprehensive list of EVERY spellshield interaction in the game that League's bughunters (Vandiril, Caenen, Anatabakka, and others in that group) made with some significant help from me: There's definitely some other feelsbad spells in that list and other broken interactions. On top of all this, spellshield on a melee diving champion... It's not like Sivir who has the luxury of seeing projectiles travel to her. Most projectiles have to be predicted. A lot of spells come to you at once, too. You can intend to block one spell but have it stripped by another spell because it hit you .01 seconds earlier. Frame perfect timing is nigh impossible and this game isn't balanced around that (See: Ryze, Fiora). I'm not explicitly looking for balance changes, but I would like some of these terrible interactions fixed and the feelsbad interactions made more consciously aware of. If I were to suggest anything, I'd rather Nocturne's spellshield reduced by .25 seconds and the first .25 seconds grants full spell immunity and proccing the buff from any spell blocked. If spells are blocked in the first .25 it removes itself when the .25 is over. In addition, and only since I am here talking about it, AS as a reward incentivizes early usage of the spellshield which is pretty awful. In the future I'd like to see a buff that is equally powerful no matter what point of the fight it is used. My personal preference is spell reflection (a 60~100% by rank), but a moderate damage spell is also reasonable. Please consider this.
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