One sided matches

I legit feel like matchmaking is just padded at this point. It doesn't matter how well you play if people are just feeding kills left and right. Last game of the day had two unranked players in placements on my team while in my duo's promo to gold 1. The adc had like 4cs a minute in ranked solo duo. The riven legit said in post game chat I'm just here to troll. Like wtf is this, I came to play well and work on my games but its cost so much time and effort to have not even be worth it when some one says that. My games went like this today First game a remake. Second I go 17/3/11 while two players have 13 deaths each and one has 15 deaths. I understand bad games but since ranked was padded and its almost impossible to get demoted these players are not moved to the correct rank and are ruining the experience for me and others. the veigar game I played today the client froze in load in. Then the game froze at 16 minutes. I got top played ornn the yas mid was 6/1 by 10 minutes. Unkillable at this point and out leveled everyone. The brand game everyone on team was just better than enemy team. required no thought just a stomp. second brand game zed went bot got a kill and then one shot everyone from there. Played a malz game and again a stomp then the last game. I am disgusted by the sheer fact that when you get a win right now its just a one sided stomp and then when you lose its just a one sided stomp.

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