Know what would be nice? If the next batch of patches were NOTHING but nerfs across the board

Certain champs are struggling while a wider majority are dominating effortlessly? Nerf the dominants first, nerf ALL of the dominant champions that have a stranglehold over the pickrate in the vast majority of matches THEN look into buffing the strugglers if they still have issues afterwards. Stop with the constant buffs in EVERY SINGLE PATCH! It's stupid, **_YOU PEOPLE_** are stupid, cut it the fuck out and work on nerfing everything in the game that you so irresponsibly spoiled with round after round of pointlessly increased and stacking stats until the game finally returns to a reasonable state. It's just disappointing at this stage, your balance team and the ones in charge of directing them have no excuses for the state of this game anymore, you all turned it into the joke that it is so you need to clean yourselves up and **_FIX IT._**

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