Honestly, seeing the Akali rework makes playing immobile champs seem unfair.

When champs like Kat, Zed, LB, Yasuo, Akali blink all over the screen, just physically clicking on them becomes impossible. Immobile champs become like sitting ducks as they miss all their spells. These champs don't have "outplay potential". Jumping around the screen at 2000 projectile speed while most mage skill shot go at 800-1200 projectile is not outplay potential. It is broken and simply unfair. To top it of, most of them don't even use mana. They can sit in lane and do it all day. Akali even has a built in heal as fcukking assassin. Heals are not for assassins. Its okay on assassins/fighters, but not pure assassin like Akali. That's why bruiser akaili was a thing. She had plenty of burst and sustain damage/heal in her kit. Anyway, the point I really want to make its, these new champs are simply becoming too fast for players to physically click and maneuver their mouse to be effective. Especially for immobile champ. If i were playing with a PS4 controller okay, they can fly across the screen all day, but I'm use a mouse. I simply can't keep up. It would be totally unfair to increase the projectile speed of mage spells right? Well thats exactly what riot is doing with mobility in this game. Not to mention how unfun it is to play against those champs. The only defense is to sit far away and wait patiently, for their cool downs to go off, then you get your chance to participate in the game. Before long you get to sit your ass back under the tower because you can't do anything until the next round of cooldowns.

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