3 Things i miss in the Voli Buff - from a 2 Million Mastery OTP

@ Riot As a huge Voli fan with over 2 million mastery points on him i miss a few things in his 9.2 Buff. --- #1) Could you take a look at his Passive? Voli has a lack of durability during (team) fights. One reason is that his passive is just too weak to work properly because it has never been adjusted to the rising dmg (and Tank Item HP nerfs) over the last seasons. You often die before it could even go half it's duration. **One solution could be to let it reg faster.** Maybe 5 or 4 seconds instead of 6. Could be too strong in early laning phase; so maybe it could scale 6/5/4 seconds with Ulti upgrades. Also/Or you could make it work with the Resolve Rune "Revitalize" (currently not happening because Reg not Heal). That would give Voli a bit more options in the Resolve tree while buffing the Passive a bit. --- #2) Is there any chance to make W a bit more rewarding vs Tanks? Voli's W has always felt unsatisfying vs tanky champs. Often you can't even finish them when they are 3-4% HP. That's pretty disappointing for such a long CD ability. I know his new E 8% Dmg buff is for dealing better against Tanks, but his E shouldn't be stronger than his W in any case imo. Now it feels even more like a hot fart in comparison, considering that it has 18(!) sec CD and should feel like an "execute". Better lower the 8% E dmg buff to 5% but for that give his W a CD reduction with Lvl (19/18/17/16/15) and more dmg vs Tanks, so it remains his main dmg ability. If something should make 8% dmg to Tanks than his W and not his E. (**edit:** check comment from Katareener. Pretty solid idea imho). --- #3) Is there any chance to make Voli's Ult castable while moving? Voli is easy kitable and has problems to stick to his target. It feels really clunky and outdated if you chase someone but have to stop to cast your melee Ult. It's just a little improvement and wouldn't affect his winrate at all, i guess, but it would make him less tilting to play in some situations. https://www.mobafire.com/images/avatars/volibear-runeguard.png
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