Why Janna and Yasuo's tornados are so hard to dodge.

I often see a lot of people get hit by this, but if you would replace it with {{champion:103}} Q or literally any other skillshot in the game they would've 100% dodged it, me included. I think it's because both tornado's models are **vertical**, giving the illusion that the hitbox is in a different spot than it actually is. The top of the tornado covers part of the real hitbox making the hitbox look like it's in a completely different spot. 100% it's because** it's hard to tell what's on the horizontal plane, and what's on the vertical plane. ** https://imgur.com/rKZ1hjU.png This circle can be mistaken for the hitbox, and then you can get baited to dodge into the actual hitbox or run father than you need to. https://imgur.com/ZLenHnk.png This circle is probably what most people see when they're trying to dodge Yasuo's tornado, but fail because it's not actually it's hitbox._ (It's even harder to judge the hitbox when the tornado isn't being thrown parallel to the top of the screen)_ So how would I fix this? By putting a glowy circle around the hitbox itself. Anivia has one on her ult (well not anymore because VU) but something similar would help A LOT Here's another thread I found that also explains this: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Uu2eAaUF-put-a-ground-indicator-behind-yasuos-tornado EDIT: This isn't an issue about how wide or narrow the skillshot is, it's just that I can't tell what I'm supposed to be moving away from. Even broken skillshots like Lux/Blitz Q still have the "center" of the skillshot you're running away from. Tornados, being vertical, don't have a "center".
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