A reply to Ekko = Aatrox'd (not)

_**Case 1).**_ Aatrox does dmg while building tanky, with 0 utility for the team. Patch notes v3.13 quote: "Any champion can be frustrating to play against when they’re capable of building very tanky while still outputting considerable DPS, so we're lowering some of Aatrox’s innate damage. With this change, Aatrox must build items for damage and won’t be able to simultaneously tank and smash face as easily." Nerf passive. Nerf base dmg. **0 compensations buffs elsewhere.** Reduce the champion to being relevant **ONLY when snowballing.** _**Case 2).**_ Ekko does dmg while building tanky, with stupid amount of utility for the team. Nerf base dmg. **Buff every fucking AP ratio.** **Compensation buffs everyfuckingwhere.** Doesn't matter the nerfs you'll give to him, no matter how behind he will be, he is going to bring shittons of utility for the team. Stuns, slows, diving potential. Where is the consistency, Riot ?
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