[Speculation] 5.18 is the last chance for balancing for Worlds - who's on the hitlist?

With 5.18 to be the patch the World Championships will be played on, the balance changes in it will be the last opportunity to bring outliers in line and tune up some of the weaker of the pack. I want this thread to serve as a place where Champions/Items that are potential targets for Riot's nerf hammer or buff mallet in time for Worlds. Personally, some of the targets of Riot's nerf hammer should be: * Juggernauts (Watch list) - Too early to tell their impact, but they'll probably be kept an eye on in the coming patch and see how they fit in. * Gangplank (Watch list) - I'm just gonna say it, he's too strong right now. Barrels are far too oppressive with that 60% armor shred AND slow AND the ability to apply crits through the trigger-attack, but the nerf on the armor shred may hold it back for now and make him more situational. Regardless, the Pirate's a really powerful guy right now, so we'll wait and see what happens. * Gnar (Watch list) - I remember a while back when Gnar was nerfed that Riot said "Any champ who is based around _inconsistency_ and is a strong pick competitively is concerning" - which is somewhat true with the new Black Cleaver. Except he's now a splitpush menace who's hard to shift out of lane, teamfights notwithstanding. * Gragas (Potential target) - I don't think the fat man's been shifted out of the jungle since the Cinderhulk changes took place. And he's still a really strong pick. This may just be a vanity thing, but I feel he's spent far too long in the spotlight, and I would _like_ to see some changes. * Kog'Maw (Watch list) - A lot of this is tied to Trinity Force, but I feel the Triforce snuffs out what should be a weakish mid-game to compensate for his godly late-game power. It's nice to see him as a pick again, but it's possible he's spiking because of the Triforce. * Viktor (Watch list) - Viktor's another example of a champ that's really oppressive in the competitive scene right now, but like Gangplank, he's got some changes on his Hex Core that could shake things up. It's another wait and see situation for him. * Sivir (Potential target * Tristana (Potential target) - She's a super strong tower pusher and destroyer, but I feel she's blowing stuff up a little too quickly for my liking. That and she has a fairly safe and strong early game. * Yasuo (Watch list) - Yasuo's picking up wind competitively again, most notably with ZionSpartan crushing Dyrus with it in Game 1 of the NA Summer Finals. While it still feels like a mixed bag in strength, it'll probably be worth Riot keeping an eye on him. * Trinity Force (Potential target) - What's this? Triforce nerfs before Worlds?! UNACCEPTABLE! In real terms though, there are a lot of Triforce users that are super strong right now because of the HUGE damage spike it gives to champions like Corki/Gangplank/Kog'Maw. It's also been an item that's been strong for a while, so it may see changes before Worlds. * Zeke's Harbinger (Target) - Way too strong. 50% Crit chance is unbelievably strong and is being consistently used on AD auto attackers instead of AP champs. I foresee a crit chance nerf and AP scaling buff coming up to open up a bit more conduit diversity.
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