Nasus spikes at 6 way too hard

Honest to god, level 6 isn't late game, he needs to not auto win almost every lane matchup at level 6... You HAVE to kill him 2 or 3 times PRE 6 to be able to beat him at level 6, and that's just stupid. EDIT People looking at nasus winrate saying he isn't a late game champion, lol. Sure he can't really teamfight but a lot of the time he doesn't have to as he can just split his way to forcing 2 or 3 people to his lane. Why? Because nasus is unduelable late game. That's fine, that's his fantasy even though he does it in a bullshit way (purely point and clicking and stat checking hard with innate tank and damage). What I don't think is fine is that his level 6 powerspike is essentialy unbeatable. Something as simple as Q reduction in R goes from 50% at all ranks to 20/35/50% would be great.
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