Patch 9.7 or how to keep making the game unfun for everyone involved

So i'm reading up the next patch and which buffs it involves and i'm kinda confused at: a) why these champions b) why these buffs. Azir: Why is this champion getting buffed in the first place? I'm sorry dear azir mains but your champion ruins the game whenever he is even slightly viable, riot had their shot at changing his kit by targetting what makes him so overbearing and change that. Instead they reduced a bit of his range and buffed his entire kit to then nerf him again. But okay i'm gonna be fair and say: "hey let's give azir some buffs". Why in gods name would you buff his Q? And i can already foretell the comments how it's ONLY 10 base damage and how he desperately needs buffs. It doesn't matter, out of all abilities or possibilities to buff him why would u pick his least interactive most cancerous spell? One of his big problems is how untouchable he is in lane for most of the champions and we do not need buffs to his Q so he starts Q poking everyone out of lane again. Buff his base stats, buff his lategame W dmg i don't know but not this shit? Cho gath: Same story, i wouldn't touch this champ with a ten foot pole but okay i'll be fair say he is the champion in need of buffs. Why would u buff his Q cooldown? One of the big frustrations with tanks is them being able to stonewall the laning phase cho gath ESPECIALLY is one of the worst offenders due to his ranged poke/waveclear AND his passive sustain. So why buff the spell that just makes him poke you/farm across the lane and you'll never interact with him. People like to actually play league and not watch league. When do you get this riot? WE WANT TO PLAY LEAGUE NOT WATCH LEAGUE. But okay back to watching us farm lanes until either botlane loses. Rumble: Simple, shouldn't be buffed at all. And that's basically it but i guess riots company headliner is "20ths times the charm" or something. Maybe THIS time he will not be pick/ban in high elo/pro play after we overbuffed him without changing anything about his shittier kit and what makes him so unbelievably unfun and frustrating to play against. Mundo: Same fuckin story as with azir and cho gath (well and rumble too). Why these massive damage buffs to his Q and AD steroid? Why even buff his Q in the first place? ONce again it is not fun watching mundo either poke you across the lane or stonewall the laning phase by last hitting with his Q from the fountain. And now IF you get close he once again has more AD despite building full tank. Great fuckin design works wonders every time riot. Guess the memory of mundo running four people down in pro play under the turret already blurred out of your heads. Maybe this time his shittier kit will not ruin the game once we have overbuffed him. Don't worry he will eventually get nerfed in 2023 when riot takes some time in the 6 months preseason. Garen: Once again i ask: WHY!? Why for fucks sake do you keep buffing his stats. Just slap some more stats onto him eventually he will be viable or something. Can you start making this champion actually good? Remove his stupid villain mechanic and do something useful with his kit and not just slap stats onto him every other month like you do with nasus until everyone universally hates facing either of them because all you do is make them more and more frustrating to deal with in lane/splitpush/sidelane due to their limited counterplay WITHOUT adressing why they are SURPRISING TO EVERYONE AT RIOT still fuckin shittier and won't win a fuckin game ever above idk plat or something whenever they start playing with both hands and using their spells to CC them to death. Yes yes they also lower its duration a bit but that doesn't change the "free" armor and mr they slapped onto it again. Wit's end: I wanted to say something to it but eh i'm not sure what this is supposed to be honestly. Only thing that came up to my mind is why you keep adding more and more lifesteal to the game wasn't there something something draintanking op unbalanceable or something? Yet conq healing, better DD healing, healing on wit's end now, buffed legend lifesteal whatever its name is. I'm confused in that regard honestly. So yeah in conclusion i wish riot would start to actually think about the buffs they give to champions and how they affect the playstyle as and especially AGAINST these champions. There was a time when league was a videogame that was supposed to be fun somehow that shit got lost and we keep buffing unfun mechanics/abilities/champs with no regard to how it feels for the average player to deal with that. Maybe it would be helpful if you guys start to play your own game?

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