League of Tanks! More year long CC ;}

So tired of having to auto attack twice instead of once to get a kill. Also, can you guys increase slows, stuns, roots by about 2 years instead of just 1 ? Oh, and this meta is so fun for watch the LEC/LCS; love me some 20 min 18-3 average kills per game stomps. Tanks are out of control! I know {{item:3153}} {{item:3151}} just rekts, shrekts, pekts, owns, pwns and zones Tanks but damn it RITO! I want an item that is {{champion:142}} in item form that just 100-0 with 1 click. - Also, make such item between $5-10 gold. Gasp, another Champion! Riot! You minx! Huh, oh look, she's barefoot/shows feet like the last 4-5 champions that you've created..... if I didn't know any better I think you have a foot fetish. Alright, well back to playing some ~~Call of League~~
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