This meta is not for me.

Having enjoyed the last part of s7 and coming into preseason, deciding to try ranked and spending it getting dumpstered badly (terrible matchmaking aside) I've come to the realization that this preseason is simply not fun at all. As an older player whom doesn't have godlike reflexes who quite appreciates the ability to have longer fights to prove ones prowess over whom can smack their buttons fastest, the meta simply doesn't agree with me. This isn't a complaint about the Ardent meta going away (Actually glad it did, it was too much and wasn't about someones ability to outplay, it was who could rush ardent first) it's a complaint about just how "Call of Duty" this preseason is with the damage. I like playing front line and playmaking champions, I like to get into the thick of combat, right now, you go in, you're dead within 3 seconds and you'll be lucky to get a full rotation off before you're grey screened. The damage needs toning down across the board as right now the game is too reliant on who has the most front loaded damage, not who outplays, who gets a good engage, who controls the map better. Just load up on all the damage and blow the other team up before they can respond. As a less mechanically skilled player (due to the bad reflexes thing) I find this to be the wrong direction and it takes away the competitiveness that many of us came to enjoy with league. I want to enjoy league again, I want to enjoy the tactics, the teamplay.... Not get blown up near instantly whenever I catch a good engage because Riot decided "call of duty" damage was a good idea. It's not.

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