Malzahar E discrepancy on League Fandom Wiki.

On this page, Malefic Visions is said to do 220 + (80% AP) over 4 seconds at max rank. However, if you look at the damage it does every half second at max rank, the page says 25 + (10% AP). Every half second for 4 seconds means 8 ticks of damage go off. But if you add up the ratios and flat damage 8 times using the damage every half second, it comes up to only 200 + (80% AP) over 4 seconds. My question is which one is it really in game. Also, does anyone have any insight on Riot regarding Malzahar? Are they gonna re-rework him? Are they gonna revert him to s5 Malz? Are they gonna buff the AP ratio or flat damages of his Q because 210 + (65% AP) is really pathetic compared to most mages if you look at their ratios. Does anyone know, game-sense wise, how effective adaptive helm is against malzahar. Like does it just render him completely useless like QSS does? I really enjoy this champion, but I am apprehensive of maining him again due to his weak base damages and ratios and how it appears adaptive helm destroys him.

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