How do i fix packet buffering?

The last month or more I've been experiencing delays in-game. It acts and looks similar to lag. however the difference is my ping and frames are totally fine. for example i'll be in lane and go to cs and get close to enemy minions but it will either take between half a second to up to 3 or more seconds for it to go through and finally move. It visually very similar to lag except unlike traditional lag the screen doesn't stop and characters and objects magically teleport. With this delay i see everyone and everything moving in real time, I just stop moving. Also some games this problem is nonexistant then the very next game i play right after the problem comes out of nowhere. i had a few days of no problems last week but then it came back in strides and has been back since. Help of any kind would be fantastic, I've never experienced this issue before. I've seen some dated posts on this subject for example this video: but unless i'm missing something the new client doesn't have this option and even if it does i'd like to know other ways to fix this problem. i've tried re installing the game and it didn't do squat. Thanks
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