Rework Pyke's ult by recycling Garen's villain passive

Hello Pyke main here and several weeks ago I got a taste of my own medicine on how broken and annoying he is Just call the ult passive "the list" In his lore he has this hit list to get revenge on those who betrayed him. But in game it's just to avenge allies If an enemy champion kills an ally it appears on Pyke's list. It won't disappear until he kills them with his ult then it moves on to the next and etc. Enemies that killed an ally appear on order If X kills A first , X appears first on the list If Z kills B next , Z appears second on the list and so on until its finished Kinda works like the bottom runes on domination that gives you certain bonuses Once he has killed every enemy champion on his list he can finally get an improved "gift of the drowned ones" passive (the one that gives him grey health) This is just an idea though I main Pyke simply because people won't stop playing cancer champs, not because he's broken
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