It sucks how horrible the game has gotten, and it's all due to the unbearable damage

Everyone bursts now even fucking tanks, the game has no long become about skill but which stat-stick can more effectively burst the enemy and survive. Just look at the Meta right now, it's all fucking cheesy burst, all of it, nobody around plays anything that takes actual skill and the slightest bit of thinking anymore they just pick whatever can pop someone in the least amount of time and effort as possible and they cant even be punished for that. Damage is so fucking high in the game that the burst champs have the privilege of building defense because they already overkill targets beyond any sense of reason so why risk themselves by wasting gold on even more damage when they can just get defense and still nuke someone from orbit with a single rotation? And meanwhile anyone that actually requires landing skill-shots or lack front-loaded burst gets completely outclassed by all these high-speed warheads tossing out damage at mach-5. It's sad, frustrating and beyond anything explains why no new players would actually want to put up with the shit early game when this joke of an experience is the payoff for all that effort and grinding.
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