The concept of Draven is broken at a design level...

No matter what items ADC 1 has, draven will ALWAYS hit at least twice as hard, because of his Q. If he drops his axe (Which is pretty fucking hard since they go where you are moving to), 1 of 2 things happen. A. He pressers Q and returns to his double damage. B. He drops down to regular 100% damage. Now he is equal to other picks. Usually champs with hard hitting abilities hit slowly by default, to even out the total dps. Harder hits, but less frequent.. NOT IN DRAVENS CASE, He gets attack speed built in, with permanent uptime! So in a situation with same items, no matter what said items are, Draven will ALWAYS hit harder than you, and will easily keep up in Attack speed. He will win every trade he takes, and will outrun most targets he peruses. Not to mention if he gets even slightly ahead, his free gold passive lets him snowball out of control. "Huur duur just CC him" applies to literally every fucking champion in the game, so it hardly counts as Draven specific counterplay. His axes need a wind up time, so he is punished for dropping them. First throw after activating is 20%, with +20% damage added for each successive bounce to his current cap.
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