New Winions have me concerned...

Out of all the changes in these patch notes, the only thing that makes me nervous is the minion buffs for the winning side... I want to concisely explain why. 1) If the winning team can't close the game with the tools they **already have from being ahead,** why do they deserve to win? 2) More importantly, one of the biggest defining parts of MOBAs, including LoL, is wave mechanics. Now, waves won't behave in a predictable manner, because there will be power differences between the minions. It's the second point that has me much more concerned. I think this is super questionable. - Shoving a lane when behind? Don't worry, it'll come right back. - Leave a lane even and go do another objective? Oops, looks like the enemy team has one more tower. It's pushing to us now! - You and one enemy are split pushing different side waves, while the 4v4 in mid dances back and forth? Well, if you're losing, you automatically lose that trade. Too bad! I just don't think it's a healthy way for a team to push an advantage. Dragon changes implemented were so early game champs have a way to 'scale' to late game. The winning team should have more items. The winning team should have more vision. Having better minions is the **_wrong way to give a winning team power._** So, anyway, I voiced my opinion. We'll see how it shakes out. There's a poll. You should take it. EDIT: I realized an even bigger problem I have with the change. Clarity. Since you can't predict what the wave will do, it significantly hurts clarity. Big issue for me. Put a different way/good test of concept: Imagine explaining this to a new player. It's gonna confuse them. The whole premise of the game is that the minions are evenly matched without champion influence.
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