Can Presence of Mind give Shen 20 energy (up to +100) to match his doubled energy pool and costs?

{{champion:98}} is unique among the energy champions in that he has twice the total energy of his contemporaries (at 400 from the usual 200), but also has twice the usual energy costs on his spells. The net result of which is that he sits sort of half-way between the other energy champions and the more typical mana-based ones. This preseason came with a change to Presence of Mind to give 100 mana or 10 energy per take down, up to five times, giving most champions that use the rune around 1.25x their usual resource pool. Obviously it differs based on the mana champion, but 2000 mana is pretty normal if not going out of the way to build extra. Shen kind of got the short end of the stick though. With an energy pool of 400 and high costs to match, he gets half the value out of the rune as anyone else. All that would need to change is make the energy portion of the rune read "5% bonus energy, up to a maximum of 25%." This would make Shen just as much of a beneficiary as the others. Well other than him being a tank and thus being harder to get those takedowns with. But when he DOES, he would benefit the same way everyone else does.

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