@Meddler Rammus Changes 7.10, I demand a RIOT Employee to REPLY.....

To whom this may concern The new rammus changes that were made this patch are ridiculously unnecessary, I just got the chance to try it out on the LIVE server AND WOW really Riot????? I'm a Rammus One trick Main AND I ACTUALLY have the 2ND MOST, YES the 2ND MOST Mastery Points in NORTH AMERICA... and THE 14TH MOST in the WORLD FOR RAMMUS http://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/champion/?champion=33 <---------Proof I'll start off by saying THANK YOU for making AP Rammus not viable anymore but in "TRYING" to do so you seem to have forgotten that he' Rammus was originally made to be a VERY tanky MOBILE champ; THIS update was a huge NERF to his kit. Rammus is a ARMOR-dillo and WAS meant to go fast, I first played Rammus and fell in love with him ONLY because he WAS FAST ( A LOT of emphasis on the WAS because YOU RIOT just nerfed him) This new effect of slowing him by 60%!!!!! for the duration of his W is crippling, I can't even imagine HOW SLOW he'd be walking through basic slowing abilities like Teemo Shrooms, Jhin Traps, Lulu Polymorphs, Nasus Wither, Zilean Time Warp, Illaoi's Test of Spirit a Anivia Ult, a Gangplank Ult etc the list goes on & on & on but think about this.............. From THREE years of EXPERIENCE, Rammus USED to be a hard counter for Illaoi. Now I think it's the other way around. Its physically IMPOSSIBLE to dodge her ability Tentacle Smash while using W AND TO TOP IT OFF as said earlier her ability Test of the Spirit slow percentage is 80%, with my 60% Self Crippling effect that puts me at 140% HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO AVOID TENTACLES................... Over the last THREE years of playing LoL as a Rammus MAIN I played Rammus almost EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I can tell you that by experience that many times I've used MY Defensive Ball Curl (W) TO avoid dying WHILE BEING CHASED NOW I can't even move yet alone run away OR dodge ABILITIES from ANYONE while using (W)....... I'VE also used it SEVERAL times (probably millions) to TANK Turret hits to help salvage the minion wave, & then simply walk out of range and then walk back in to help my teammates get the objective BUT NOW with the new 60% slowing effect you barely can move yet alone try and effectively tank ANY turret shots, unless you're standing at the border of the circle FORGET attacking the turret while tanking.......The new CD reduction for it is OKAY but as you remove it to move faster to get OUT of turret range you instantly take a FULL DMG turret shot. Now for the E, Frenzying Taunt, I get you were updating Rammus to avoid Seeing AP Rammus But these new changes to his E will now make people "THINK" they can build Attack Speed on him. Do I need to remind you that Rammus is and ARMOR-dillo???? The Armor reduction was IDEAL for HIS kit Attack speed barely benefits him??? ALSO WHY WOULD HIS POWERBALL (Q) GET CANCELLED WHEN USING Zz Rot Portal, Talisman of Ascension, Locket of the Iron Solari, Knight's Vow & Hextech GLP-800 but IT DOESN'T get cancelled when using Randuin's Omen, Righteous Glory or when Dropping Wards................. Anyways I could go ALL DAY as to what I think you could have done better but until my request IS met I won't know for sure what will happen to my future with League Of Legends and I SAY this with complete sincerity I'm a big fan I've applied to several opportunities on Riots career page and I don't think I've missed ANY EU & NA LCS Broadcasts over the last two years, BUT these changes to Rammus make me want to uninstall, as you've completely crippled my favorite champion.
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