Is Feast or Famine Gameplay Healthy on Assassins?

So, I was just wondering. What is the general consensus on whether or not snowballing should be a key component on Assassins? That is to say, should kills / assists / hitting champions be gating mechanisms on them? Say Kassadin is out of line and I think he should be limited in using Riftwalk unless he has recently auto attacked a champion or hits them with a Riftwalk (EX: 50% mana refund on hitting champions with Riftwalk or if cast within 10 seconds of using his empowered AA against a champion). Obviously, this is a nerf and would come with some kind of supplemental buff because of the freed up power budget (assuming he is in a generally balanced state). This would put Kassadin behind when he is unable to safely fight, but when ahead it wouldn't be a big deal because he would want to be fighting anyways. Other examples are Zed's Death Mark and Katarina's passive. Do you guys think that these kind of feast or famine gates are healthy for assassins or lend to better gameplay? Is it worth limiting these champions until they get an advantage that allows them to thrive, but increasing their best-case scenario potential?
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