@meddler why buff assasins?

Dude..... your player base is all going 18 in ferocity because they have no clue how stats work. Lets take a look at zes for example http://champion.gg/champion/Zed Take a look at the mastery section and look at the play and win percentage differential for people running 18 in ferocity vs 18 in cunning. Cunning is at a whopping 59% which is grounds for nerfable so cunning didnt need a thunderlords buff and considering that it has 1/20 of the playrate that 18 in ferocity has YOUR PLAYERBASE IS BAD NOT THE CHAMPION AND I MIGHT REMIND THE READERS THIS IS PLAT+ PLAYERS ONLY I would rather you guys did what morello did in s2 and just tell the community they are dumb than you play out your social experiment trying the community to shift over to thunderlords and then proceed to nerf assasins by the early midseason So please tell me when you have ACCESS TO BETTER DATA are you attempting to buff a perfectly viable class of champions
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