Why am I punished for issues I've no control over?

So, last night I was playing a few late night games, doing alright and even trying out Aatrox cuz RiotScarizard is always raving about him (I still don't think I'm doing him right as is, so meh). Anyway, I get to the point right where I'm about to hit Sated on my Devourer and League gives me the reconnecting issue. No idea what's going on, since my net everywhere else is working, but it fixes itself up just in time for me to get a loss. I go 'Ok, let's try once more', and the guy from the last game who saw me have issues decided to invite me along for another match. About half way though the match, it happens again, and this time I'm not the only one. The Reddit boards were FILLED with people saying that the Bay Area Comcast servers were down and that they were all getting kicked, despite the fact that for some stupid reason these particular threads were being deleted. Finally, after about 10 minutes of trying to relog again and again, I finally get into the game... Only for it to end about three minutes later and for League to give me a 'Leaverbuster Warning'. I honestly don't think I should be punished at all for something that I couldn't control and is either on Leagues issues or the providers issues. My net for everything else was working just fine and it was only because something that effected several different players was the cause of me not being able to continue supporting my team. Something, imo, should be done about this!
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