I get the Sej nerfs, but can we leave her mana costs alone?

Sej is my favourite champion in this game next to Garen, and her W mana costs were just enough to actually **finally** allow her to be played in top lane. Can we not just revert her mana cost nerf? It was just enough to actually be able to trade with other top laners decently, but now she's going to run out of mana faster than Bristle runs to food. When you compare to other top laners (most don't even have mana) like Irelia, her Hiten Style costs 40 mana, and is now even more powerful due to it being True damage and HP items being nerfed. Is it so much to ask to leave her W mana cost alone? The HP and damage nerfs are fine, but the mana cost nerf is just salt in the wound.

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