Can you not see that this champion is toxic to the game? How many QQ threads per day does it take to realize that there is something wrong here? Living shadow cooldown 22 seconds. Electrocute is 25. That means Zed can get his bull shit E+W+Q combo for the guaranteed free electrocute damage every 25 seconds. You can't dodge something that happens instantly. Once you're low enough, he presses R for the free kill every time. I have not seen a game played this year where the Zed wasn't legendary with at least 20 kills before the game ends. Zed does not need little damage nerfs. He needs a complete change to his gameplay. A much lower range on his abilities to start. Why does a MELEE assassin have more range than most mages? Because he is broken, that's why. This champion is toxic to the game and needs fixing.
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