The Kai'sa nerf is a joke

Seriously? -20% attack speed on E? That's the best the balance team could do? No nerfing her insane burst, no nerfing her insane shield, no nerfing her passive's consistency (teammates granting stacks)? No base stat nerfs? No evolution stat requirement increases? These would have all been much better changes to really balance Kai'sa. But no, we got -20% attack speed on her rank 5 E...on a champion who already pretty much caps attack speed at ~3-4 items anyway... Oh, and she doesn't even max this ability first so it's still only a hyper late game nerf, which doesn't do anything since damage in this game results in games being shorter than ever before, especially in pro play, thus meaning that she's still exactly the same in pro play with the exception of outlier matches that go past 15-23 minutes. I love how the balance team is fine with smacking Akali, Aatrox, Ryze, Azir and Rakan just because of pro play, but the moment Riot's skin sugar baby needs nerfs they just give her a lovetap. I guess she's getting either a Championship or Victorious skin this year. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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