New board idea: Champion balance.

Balancing champions is pretty much impossible. And considering the number of champions i think it could easily take up a whole board on it's own. Maybe with some rules on how threads should look like. Champion icon, role Problems: Possible solution ideas: If i were do it: Example: {{champion:44}} , support Problems: 1.: Extreme mana usage. No comment required. 2.: Stun takes very long to land, and has low area. Most ADC, and support are unstunnable without flash unless they are seriously noob. Supports either outrange it, or tanky enough to take it. From ADCs there are exatly 2 {{champion:110}} {{champion:222}} who has no easy escape from it, and 1 {{champion:22}} who has hard escape. All other are easily jump/teleport/charge away. In general he is worthless on lane like 99% of the cases, and can't give real protection from assassins in teamfight either. 3.: Ult takes damn long to go out giving easy escape for enemy, or more than enough time to kill key targets. Solution ideas: 1. Lover mana cost on his heal, or/and increase healing amount, or give mana regen skill such as his old passive. 2. Make it longer distance, or give Taric extra movement speed while casting it, or make it instant, or close to instant to land. 3. Remove the effect from casting, or make it faster to land, or make it 2 phased. If i were do it: Heal start on 5 charge. Further ranks increase healing done/charge, and mana cost up to 80hp/charge for 110 mana. Right now it's kinda best to keep it on rank2 for easy spamming. Stun would land instantly, and last a bit longer (1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5), BUT stun duration would spread across all target it hits. So if you hit a champion, and 3 minion, then all of them get 25% duration of the whole. If you hit both ADC, and support, and none other, then they get half duration both. Ult. Would work as it is, but enemy would only see it in the last half second of the casting.
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