The this dude is inting effect.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try. a player will get baited or smashed in game. their score is usually pretty bad. Sometimes. it's intentional. most of the time. it's because that guy might as well have stayed in base. truthfully once you start to get killed in micro seconds your survival drops drastically. Some players sadly are not inting. they are getting crushed and are not sure them self what to do VS a guys that can kill you that fast. Even i have moments where i question everything i like to play when some guys are literally playing in the arena of the twilight zone. way other level of gamer VS noobs. it happens. it's league. No one is truly immune to death. at some point even the best meets their match. Few matches later the tables will turn. mmr is a funny thing effected by what can only be described as arcane sorcery. and can be influenced by what gets put into the game from you. your input and actions. The effect of players thinking you int.. is that they are on the other side of the map. top or mid for example. and had no idea what monstrosity you have been fighting. blah blah blah.. you inted.. you fed him. Dude ... Dude... you did'nt even see wth happened. you were fighting your own fight. and your gona act like you been spectating 15 mins but didn't see how it played down? There is inting, then there is getting blind sided. it happens to everyone at some point.
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