Why do new supports feel like junglers? Can we have a new DECENT Healer / Shielder support?

Supports were really unpopular some seasons ago, older players know it. We always wanted the role to be more relevant. I feel that Riot tried to make it by releasing "independent" supports. Independent in a sense that their kits **no longer have strong defensive spells**, but strong ccs and mobility skills that allows them to** force pick-offs /roamings without being punished if everything goes wrong. ** **1- Pyke. **He can protect his carry with his dash and knock up, but they are very situational to be used that way. Those skills are more effective when HE's the one engaging . He can pretty much win the game even if his ADC's bad, since his kit is perfect for roaming and pick-offing. His ult rewards pyke to die AFTER his carry, not before, as a support should. In tf's, It only works if someone take the risk of landing enough damage so he can reset. AND even if his roaming doesn't end up well, he can just use his invisibility/dash to run and grey-shield to back fullife to lane. **2- Rakan**, whose shields and healings are a joke, is also almost a jungler in the bot. His w can be used to protect his ad by knocking the enemy carry (which is pretty useful against jhin, for example), but we all know his biggest utility comes when being used as an multi-target engager (With less damage than pyke, thanks god). His E, instead of being used to protect the carry, ends up with the utility of running away to avoid being punished for bad engages. **3- Tahm Kench** can defend his carry, I admit it, his w is strong and useful. But as it has a high cooldown, his kit ends up being about punishing who dares to come close enough to the carry. He can even 1x1 most of champs in the game, even without being ahead/farming. He also has the grey-shield that doesn't make him get punished for bad plays, and his ult is perfect for roaming. **4- Bard **has healing. Which is in fact useful during the lane-phase. But as game advances, his w's charging time becomes an issue, and it ends being more used as a speed buff. His kit, as pyke's and rakan's, is pretty much focused on opening a window to roaming ( I won't talk much about him, his skills talk by themselves). **Braum** is the last full-peel released support champ. His q is strong to engage in lanephase, but since it's slow and, as his ult, has a small range, he ends up using it as a defensive skill for most of the game. _**He was released em 2014, 5 years ago. **_ That being said, i wanna make clear that , besides pyke, (which i think shouldn't have **everything** on his kit), i really love and often use all the champions here quoted. Supports are more impacting in the game now. _**BUT, ON THE OTHER HAND, I WOULD LIKE A NEW HIGH RISK HEALER/SHIELDER IN THE GAME. **_ High risk in a sense that, if it's carry doesn't play well, he would probably lose the game. But due to the strong defensive kit, with a good carry, he would be highly rewarded for protecting it. Botlane is dominated by lucians/jhins/strong early champions. We don't see hypercarries (Vayne/kog) any longer. That kind of champion would be perfect to duo them, protecting them while they don't hit their power spike, **since nowadays everything have explosive dmg and tons of cc. ** _**Nami, who has been released in 2012, 7 years ago**_ have somewhat the kind of playstyle i would love to see in a new champion. Soraka / Janna also do what i'm talking about.
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