Mobility Creep should be looked at during pre-season in addition to Damage

Starting with mobility runes that should in my opinion be straight up deleted. Runes that give movespeed such as Predator, Relentless Hunter and Celerity. Regardless of how good or bad champions like Hecarim are in the current meta, should a build that involves running at you with 600+ movespeed and one shotting you really be supported? Giving already highly mobile champions more move speed serves only to remove counterplay and increase frustration. Mobility Runes mainly benefit champions that are already highly mobile giving them insane move speed and engage potential on immobile champions. In the build up to last pre season Riot showcased Predator as something to be taken on champions like {{champion:91}}. Why would you create a rune specifically to add more mobility to a champion who already has a dash, and movespeed increase and the ability to jump over walls???? This shows that the intent of this Rune was simply to make mobile champions more mobile. Talon as it turns out does not usually take Predator, and its uses are just a bunch of niche/abuse cases allowing for cheesey engages/one shots. Mobility Runes are usually not taken by and considerably less effective on immobile champions(%move speed increase is lower with lower movespeed giving little benefit) so their existence is essentially just to make champions with gap closers stronger. Second, some champions with high mobility need trade offs. Why do some high mobility champions sometimes have more damage,cc and more innate durability than immobile champions?

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