Riot: "We're having Akali keep her shroud as it makes her very unique."

Also Riot: "Let's remove Irelia's bonus damage to shields and disarm effect that made her a bit unique." ...I want to say I don't understand Riot's balancing anymore but I've been telling myself this for a long time now. OK, look, Irelia I can understand can be a annoying and shitty champ to play against, I get that, but is really removing some unique aspects to her going to solve the problems with her? Not maybe, Idk, reducing the time it takes for her to get max stacks? A small delay when gaining stacks so she doesn't dash 3 times on your ass while you get stunned? Maybe increasing the stack max as another person suggested? Any other possibilities that you could of think up? Why is it that when a champ seems problematic, Riot thinks they should remove what made that champ unique to begin with? Look back at Ornn, he had a unique thing for Unstoppable, which Riot then removed. Granted, yes they brought it back but at certain costs. And yet they're willing to have some champs keep things that really should never be allowed, like Akali as previously said with having a perma invisible stealth or camoflauge (whatever the fuck it is idkoc) and dive under towers with it. That is seen as more healthy than a champ who has a niche against shield comps and a unique ult mechanic? I'm really questioning how Riot determines what unique aspects are worth keeping and what need to go. Idk, discuss.
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