Why do easy to play champions get awarded more than difficult champions?

Is there a reason behind this riot? Cause it's stupid that {{champion:245}} gets better benefits in getting fed than {{champion:161}} when both are equally fed, except one has an overloaded kit and makes him stupid to play versus the immobile champion that primarily has skill shots and needs to land a full combo to deliver the same devastation. And I would use {{champion:37}} and {{champion:55}} and {{champion:92}} as examples of champions that are easy to play (with one having a bug that has stayed in place cause her mains would throw a fit if it were removed), but apparently they are considered balance and allowed to snowball out of control when one literally doesn't have to aim with the exception of an ultimate, the other having no mana or cooldowns and makes botlane a hell for both mid and bot, and the other being equivalent to throwing your keyboard down a flight of stairs and getting a penta. Don't even get me started with the tanks that have stupid high scaling and are easy to snowball out of control with. {{champion:86}} Find it completely nonsense that there are more champions that get rewarded more for little effort than champions that require skills. But knowing this board, it's going to disagree and make some excuse and then say {{champion:429}} needs more AA nerfs.
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