Is there a serious and legitimate reason why Udyr hasn't been nerfed yet?

Has our balance team been wracked with the plague recently and legitimately are incapacitated, nearing death.. let alone able to actually properly balance this game? Why in gods fucking name is he able to run anyone down at any level and tiger stance them to death in literally a few fucking autos for insane amounts of 'burst'? Even Udyr top, as if top lane isn't a big enough joke as it is with everyone running around using blatant cheesemode picks.. 3-4 tiger stance autos + ignite on a shielded tank at lvl 1 = dead, and that's somehow actually reasonable? Even if this is 'somehow' considered balanced, and there's any counterplay to it at all.. where is the fun in it? where is the fun in this game at all anymore?
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