S + Nearly Impossible On Certain Champs While Being Too Easy On Others?

Btw: This Is My First Post on the Forums, and I think that Gameplay is the right area to place this. Also, correct me if I'm wrong at all on any fact, I am very open to constructive criticism and it would be greatly appreciated. Backstory: So I started playing League today last year because I was tired of reading those memes and not understanding them, I then leveled up to Level 30 maining Lucian Mid {{champion:236}}, after I hit Level 40 I realized the game is more fun to play when you use and learn a variety of champions rather than a one trick. I played several more mid lane assassins {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}}, I cluelessly played these champions loving how quickly they could delete someone in mid-late game if they properly farmed, killed, and itemized to the enemies team composition (with the exception of Aurelion Sol and Ap Bard Mid). I watched a video and loved how flashy and spectacular Katarina's {{champion:55}} kit looked and decided to pick her up, play her up to 60k mastery points, buy all of her non-legendary skins, buy Deathsworn & Project when they were in my shop and now I just want one thing: A Level 7 Mastery. I learned that the way the grading system works is that your CS/minute, K/D/A, objectives taking, vision control, and many other hidden underlying factors give you a grade corresponding to how others do in your role with that same champion. I played Yasuo {{champion:157}} and recieved 2 mastery shard to lvl 6 mastery only 6 games apart (went 40/1/4 504 cs and 35/3/18 with 371 cs) but I'm not upgrading those (yet) as I don't main Yasuo. I went 32/2/13 as Katarina mid with 290 cs at 45 minutes and only got an A + (cs was low but obtaining cs i hard in the early game without constantly being poked by a smart player, just wait until the minions are low and throw a Q then wait for the cooldown and repeat while melee'ing the front non-castor minions. I recently went 21/1/9 and 18/1/16 and recieved an A + in both games, like I'm being held back from gaining those Lvl 6 Mastery Tokens. I am no good player, just popped off in a few games and am not rewarded. I did my research and learned that supports assists count as kills, plus non tank supports and 100% of ADC's have low base health so there are double the amount of people to easily and quickly kill. I know Katarina {{champion:55}} roams to bot lane a lot because she snowballs off of kills, so with my 1000 Bronze 4 Iq I said why not bring her to the bot lane and not have her leave her main lane for some kills. I also learned that since your preformance is compared to other splayers preformance in those roles, than most people would be trolling with Katarina support or ADC. Turns out : No 29/1/12 as support Katarina with full support item at 45 minutes: A + 26/3/14 as support Katarina with full support Item at 37 minutes: A + Please tell me how a total of 29 + 12 = 41 kills as Katarina support doesn't give you an S + Or Maybe Katarina Supports are all just challenger smurfs with busted AF K/D/A ratios, making it impossible to get an S + on her. Also, I know it isn't impossible because I know 4 people who have Lvl 7 masteries on Kat. I just guess I'll have to keep grinding games. {{champion:55}} {{summoner:14}} {{champion:55}} {{summoner:14}} {{champion:55}} {{summoner:14}}{{champion:55}} Discuss. ^ _ ^
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