The Developers No Longer Care

I'm just tired of this game and a Development team that doesn't care anymore. 1) There are too many champions in the game. 2) There is not enough champions being worked on and only the same ones are constantly being worked on. 3) The reworks like Illaoi, Kench, Swain and other ones in the past are extremely overpowered and remain overpowered for weeks, until they are nerfed into the ground and feels like they go nowhere. 4) Developers intentionally ignoring champions and the communities of these champions asking for art, gameplay and VO updates. 5) The Developers prioritizing new champions and new champion reworks over older champions that have almost the same exact identities in the game. In some cases, they take abilities from another champion and put it on a new one. (Karma shield bomb). 6) Damage is still to high. 7) Creep blocking is still a problem. Personally, I've reached the point where I just can care less what these Developers do anymore. They don't want to make the game better for all of their champions and the community. The Developers want to make the best game possible that can sell the most Esports tickets and promote that content. The Developers literally have to be told to make a skin for a champion for a champion to get a skin, when they probably have 2 more Ezreal, Lux, JInx, and another skin for some other popular champion waiting to come out in the next two months. The balance and update team as well as the rework teams are probably the worst bunch of Developers. They really don't want to listen to anyone and they sit there thinking they are doing an amazing job. So long are the days (season 2) where the Developers actually proved their worth and dedication through an active and open work ethic. So long are the days where Developers cared about the integrity of their game, company and community. What's the point in playing LoL anymore, really?
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