Laners just cant resist taking jg camps huh?

I don't understand. It's like these people clicking along and when they see a jg camp like a moth to an electrified trap they must go to it. Oh I'm behind the enemy jg, I probably need that camp, naaaaaaaaa mid lane zed gonna take your gromp for no reason. Well ok, I'll just run down to krugs real quick, na bra, your adc slightly uncovered krugs in the fog of war so now they must take them. Ok, well now I'm pissed so I'll just go take wolves that just came up. "Oh you're pissed now huh," *zed steals big wolf with lucky Q. Not saying this is exactly what happened. But I swear to God laners need to back the fuck up. Just because you see a camp that you're walking by does not mean you need to take it Like brain less zombie. Just cant help themselves
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