This New BE system is honestly such a downgrade from the ip system

Im getting really sick and tired of having to grind for levels over and over just for RNG to screw me with the oldest champs in the game dropping from the champ chests, like "oh i see you just played a bunch of games, here is a champ shard worth 90 BE", great, awesome, maybe ill be able to afford a champ in a few years EDIT: also can someone with a brain(which obviously doesnt include anyone at riot) please explain why the Orange Essence shards were lowered? because according to Riot(which is completely false) we have "Easier Access" to skin shards, and anyone in their right mind knows thats completely untrue, im getting on average 1 key shard every like 5-6 days, and no level ups so far drop skin shards, i have so many skin shards that i got out a set of 10 chests i bought that i already own the skin so they arent worth keeping, but they also arent worth the measly 100-200 Orange essence i would get for dissenchanting, like Legendary skin shards are even worth just barely over 300 now but no costs for upgrading shards has changed
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