Senna: What you might have missed and why she's not as broken as you might think!

Senna Abilities
Passive - Absolution Senna's Relic Cannon is slow to fire, but deals bonus damage. She can power up its range, Attack Damage, and Crit chance over time by absorbing Mist from enemy champions she's attacking or from wraiths that spawn from dead enemies.
So, Senna is the new Support/Marksman Riot Games is releasing. First of all, yes, she is supposed to be able to be played as both Support **and** Marksman. She's not a pure support. That's why her passive gives her ADC stats. Let's hope the numbers and scaling are kept in check and balanced before she hits the live server. Second, Her Q seems to rely on hitting an allied target to work. From all the footage available so far, we can see that everytime she casts her Q, she either casts it through an allied champion ({{champion:236}}), an allied ward (when she killed{{champion:40}} and {{champion:84}}) or a turret. Maybe she can cast it through allied minions as well, but no footage of that yet. So basically, her Q might be an exact copy of Lucian's Q, but casted on allies (including allied turrets and wards) rather than enemies. It's not a free to use skillshot, it's conditioned by different factors that I just mentioned, including your own positioning in fights. Her W is ok, I guess. The initial hit by it doesn't apply any soft CC prior to the hard CC (root) right after. And the root doesn't seem to last that long. So Tenacity might make this ability way less impactful. Let's not forget about cleanse-like abilities as well. Yes, it's an AoE hard CC, but it pushes the enemy to position better during fights, that's it. Think of it as playing vs a {{champion:26}} that's trying to poke you with his Q (kinda). If your teammate has Senna's W on him, stay away from him. The E is a bit scary, tbh, but it doesn't seem to be as broken as people think. There seems to be counter play potential to this: * Senna is always at the center of her E. So you know where to aim your skillshots vs her. * Senna's movement is visible. Even though she is stealthed, you can clearly see where and how she's moving. Think of it as {{champion:555}}'s W, but now you can actually see where he's going and at what speed, all the the time. * Senna is still targetable by skillshots (hooked by thresh). * Allies and Senna are **camouflaged**, not invisible. Which means they can be revealed by many ways: step in close to them, {{item:2055}}, turrets, or any ability that grant unit-vision. * The current description says that allies are **unclickable**, not untargetable. Which means you can still hit them with AoE and skillshot abilities ({{champion:498}} got hit by {{champion:5}}'s W while she was in Senna's E). Her ult seems to be the only ability that can be considered OP, for now. A global {{champion:136}} beam that simply deals damage in the center of it and shields allies with a wilder range. We'll see how " broken " this will be on PBE soon anyway. So yeah, overall, I think the abilities are pretty decent. I'm just hoping her passive doesn't give too much stats and her R doesn't deal too much damage (the shield seems fine atm).
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