I think I figured out how to solve the tank issue.

Give flat magic pen and lethality items more lethality BUT the catch is that it scales and you actually have to land abilities. {{item:3020}} : 45 movement speed 4 magic pen New- Unique:Growing power: Landing an ability stacks magic pen of 6 for a total of 22 magic pen(that includes the 4 magic pen. {{item:3165}}: magic pen reduced to 10 from 15 New-Unique:Corrode: After landing 3 abilities, deal 10-40 bonus magic damage Duskblade: 3-8 lethality depending on level New- Unique: Piercing blade: landing abilities grants 4 lethality for a total of 12 lethality Changed-Nightstalker: Same as before and proccing nightstalker applies all stacks of piercing blade I'll update the list When I can think of more stuff.

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