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Explain, please
Uploaded by Rasmus on 2018-12-06.
So, this new 2v2 round duel is pretty fucking unconsistent and poorly designed. We killed 4 out of 5 on their team, won 2 rounds and they won 2 rounds (atleast 1 REALLY unfair) and pretty much just killed 1 member from our team. Can anyone explain how this unconsistent shit works? _**Round 1**_ {{champion:45}}/{{champion:24}} **vs** {{champion:104}}/{{champion:35}} {{champion:45}}/{{champion:24}} **both died**, {{champion:104}}/{{champion:35}} **both survived** **~~RED WIN!~~** **{{champion:104}}/{{champion:35}} both gets removed even though they both survive(????)** _**Round 2**_ {{champion:17}}/{{champion:555}} **vs** {{champion:17}}/{{champion:42}} {{champion:17}}/{{champion:555}} **both died**, {{champion:17}} **died** and {{champion:42}} survives. **~~RED WIN!~~** **{{champion:42}} WITH SUB 20 % HP GETS TO PLAY NEXT ROUND(?????)** _**Round 3**_ {{champion:51}} **vs** 0.2{{champion:42}} (aka. 20 % of a {{champion:42}}) {{champion:51}} **survives**, {{champion:42}} **dies**. {{champion:51}} does **NOT GET REMOVED**, even though {{champion:104}}/{{champion:35}} got **REMOVED** under the same circumstances**(?????)** **~~BLUE WIN!(????????)~~** _**Round 4**_ {{champion:51}} **vs** {{champion:85}} {{champion:51}} **survives**, {{champion:85}} **dies**. **~~BLUE WIN!~~** _**TOTAL SCORE**_ _(because appearently we just play 4 rounds even though it's not an odd number meaning we could legitimately end up with a genuine tie)**:**_ **Blue team** survivors: **{{champion:51}}** (aka 1 out of 5) **Blue team** rounds won: **(Round 3)**(does this one even count??????) **Round 4** (aka 1 out of 4) **Red team** survivors: **{{champion:104}}, {{champion:35}} and {{champion:42}}** (aka 3 out of 5) **Red team** rounds won: **Round 1**, **Round 2**, (what even was **Round 3**???) (aka 2 out of 4) **_ RIOT "LOGIC"_** **Blue team** survivors **> Red team** survivors (aka 1>3) **Blue team** rounds **> Red team** rounds (aka 1>2) _**OUTCOME!**_ **BLUE WINS OF COURSE; CONGRATULATIONS!!!** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} As I said, can someone explain, and I am really curious how **Riot** themselves can make sense out of this. It really isn't fun when you win **OR** lose games because of unfair disadvantages. The game was pretty much over when they won this event since they got {{item:3026}}, which snowballed them to easily win **LOOT TEEMO** (and also, the **TEEMO LOOT** was 100 % of the time on their side of the map, just spawning 200 units on our half then running in to their half rest of the time), all getting money (aka fed) and **"The Blessing of {{champion:40}}"**, which made it impossible for us to comeback. **"It's just a game mode for fun, don't spend 30 minutes making a post when you lost one game of Nexus Blitz""** Well, as I just mentioned, it is not fun to either win **OR** lose a game like this, and other unfair advantages consistently happens all the time in this game and it is not fun. I want to have some sort of control how the game will go. If the game is just going to be a **"Random Win Generator"** I can just fucking go flip a coin or something, because atleast that is more consistent.
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