Juggernauts will never be healthy for the game

Nobody likes when volibear is meta because he builds literally full tank items, and one shots regardless Nobody likes being one shot by people who scale off their hp (Can't imagine people like max hp damage in general) Honestly that shit is so frustrating. Love getting **outplayed** by them. Like yes assassins do too much damage but they're glass cannons, the same amount of damage input shouldn't be coming from "Tanks that are meant to fight (??????)" Like take riven or fiora for example, bruisers, sure they do a lot of damage and are slightly tanky, but they buy offensive items to do damage (No fiora is walking around with {{item:3065}} {{item:3068}} one shotting people with q) But then you see mundo who is full fucking tank (with the exception of those crazy p.d builds) that are doing shit tons of damage. Like the whole point of being a tank is to soak up damage and front lining. Yes they should do damage but i mean really? We just letting them one shot left and right without a care? Ok YIKES the instant downvotes

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