I ban Yuumi so my teammates cant play her, because shes garbage.

I don't get how you can allow a champ to be made that just sticks to a teammate the whole time unless they die. It's not like i hate playing against that. I hate _playing with that_. I ban her so my teammates cant play her, and this is the first time I have encountered a champion where I ban them for that reason. I don't know if it's still true but in plat+ she has a **29.8% winrate** I- how. She is such a horrible champion. Her w doesn't even have a reasonable cooldown, you can jump to other allies as much as you want. I do not know who thought yuumi was a good idea but she clearly isn't. I mean if you have fun with her? Thats great good for you, I'm not attacking you. I just really believe she is pure garbage. I would rather have an m5 7 y/o yasuo on our team than a yuumi. {{champion:350}} She's like a watered down zoe personality wise. I truly believe she has no character. Nothing special about her. Riot please, remove yuumi from the game, or **fix her**. I havent met anyone who likes yuumi except e girls who think she's cute. Thats the only reason they play her. fix yuumi. EDIT: I mean, if you've never played her? thats fine! Im not saying its my team mates that cause me to ban her bc theyre bad at her, ofc they may be. I ban her just because I dont think she's that great, sure now my opinion has changed but before? It just felt like we had 4 people on our team. So my point isn't that my team mates have caused me to ban her, its just simply her kit. ALSO I will not ban her if my team mate declares her before banning session. Edit #2: If ur good @ her thats great, sadly my team mates arent and just stay attached to a team mate the whole entire game. Thats just my experience. If youve had a better one thats great, nothing against that. I get shes new and all so im open to comments. Just please, dont call me an idiot for explaining my opinion
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