The Struggle of an ADC Main in Silver Elo

Hello, my name is JACOBSMILE, and I have been playing league since late Season 3. I began truly getting involved in the Ranked scene in Season 5, once I had a decent Champion pool and I was comfortable enough to at the very least, not completely feed any lane or role. After some decisions and being somewhat forced into playing ADC in my group, I became an ADC main. My favorite styles of ADCs are the ones like Lucian, Miss Fortune, Jhin, Jinx and occasionally Caitlyn when I need a safe lane. My current ranking is dwindling in the Silver 3-2 area, and my peak has been Silver 2, 80ish LP. After taking a small break in the ADC role in favor of a comfort pick in the mid lane (Ahri <3), I returned to bot lane. I picked up Jhin, for who was currently a very strong pick in the meta. I then was picking up some of the others on my list, namely Caitlyn who I was surprised that I could play very well. I then went back into ranked after brushing up on my ADC skills, and this is where my struggle story begins. Please note, while I am writing this, I am operating on slightly unsafe sodium levels, so if this begins sounding like a ranty QQ thread, I apologize. But I am looking for genuine advice at the end of it. Anyways. In my standard ADC games, I play to at least win the laning phase. If I don't win the laning phase, often times I try to keep my CS even with my opponent and try to pull ahead on farm alone, to get back into the game. However, despite this, there are an unhealthy number of unskillful players for my ELO range. I don't know if it is bad luck, or somehow my fault, but I seem to always get matched with someone who goes 0/6 in Top or Mid and proceeds to tilt off of the face of the earth, flaming the jungler/support/gromp for not assisting in his 1v3 against two fed people and a hypercarry. This seems to be a regular occurrence anymore, and me, as the ADC, I sit in bot lane watching my ranking crumble because of a tilted player who is most likely having a bad game. By the time laning phase comes to a close, I am usually up against a group of demigods while I am a mere peasant. The enemy midlaner/jungler/top laner typically have a 4-7 kill lead against the ally laner, and proceed to snowball uncontrollably to a point where they single-handedly win the game before I have a chance to spike. These games I feel useless, in a position where I cannot do anything. It then proceeds to get to the point where my team is in an all our war with each-other and they can't figure out how to work as a team while on tilt until we lose. Now my main question is, how do I cope with this, and work around it dynamically to minimize the feeding from my team from across the map, while keeping the mood positive and team-oriented? I've tried everything from being the positive guy, to telling them to hug the tower and wait for ganks. Nothing seems to work, and the ending is usually all the same. How do I minimize the effects of someone feeding another lane as an ADC main? How do I keep people thinking clearly instead of on tilt? I am well aware that bad games are a way of the game. I have them myself. I am guilty of flaming and feeding too, and I will again. But the main reason for this thread is to figure out how I can hopefully cope with this and make a better player out of myself, and possibly anyone else who reads this thread. Thanks, and sorry again if this is QQ.
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