League 2013 vs League 2019

2013: {{champion:75}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3102}} -30% CDR with 10% from runes/masteries 2019: {{champion:75}} {{item:3057}} {{item:1054}} {{item:3675}} -86% CDR with 666 from runes and/or masteries Obviously the second case is hyperbole but it kind of illustrates a really disturbing trend that has been discussed before: the over saturation of CDR. There was once a point where CDR was largely a utility stat, where mages, tanks and supports generally wanted this. Damage oriented champions (specifically AD) had some access to it, but never enough to acquire 40% easily. And that was intended, because many damage oriented champions were built around the idea of being weak between existing cooldowns. That just isn’t the case anymore, because everything has easy access to 40% CDR and that’s a disturbing trend. We really need to have a real conversation about this again. CDR oversaturation needs to be addressed because it’s one of the biggest contributors to the absurd damage output seen in this game. And generally, the more available champion’s cooldowns are, the more frustrating they tend to be to fight (and when everyone has cooldown reduction galore, it makes everyone stupid to fight). It’s as if Riot has slowly been transforming SR into URF because they want to create a game where 13 year olds can be successful by slamming their keyboards against their heads while yelling “yes Jessica dumped me but I’m pwning you noobs so my social barriers are in tact NOOBS!!” And honestly, it’s an obnoxious style of play because it makes the game feel less tactical and more luck-based - or better put, more like us waiting for someone to make a mistake rather than having opportunities to organically force mistakes. To summarize my last paragraph, people are harder to punish now and the game is more forgiving because of it. And it also is responsible for damage output being high. Can we seriously talk about cutting down on CDR, like, for real this time?
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