I love how they plan buffs for Maokai in 9.21

Yet they do that by giving him more damage. Like that's going to solve anything. This guy hasn't been meta for the longest time and will never be in a damage meta like this. Neither will any tank realistically. Giving him more damage just adds a tiny bit of gasoline to the fire but nothing that will make much of a difference. Here are the pointless changes: > **Maokai** W - Twisted Advance Mana cost lowered from 60-80 to 60 at all levels 50-150 >>> 70-170 magical damage R - Nature's Grasp Root duration increased by 0.2 seconds at all ranks (0.6-2.4 >>> 0.8-2.6) Raising the root duration is almost negligible when you can't even hit it most of the time. This is not a rant thread on Maokai, it's just so random that they buffed him but it's nothing special.
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